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Common Budget Myths About Air Conditioners

When considering purchasing or upgrading your Perth air conditioning there are a few budget factors you may want to consider before making a decision. There are many misconceptions about the cost of running air conditioning systems which may cause homeowners to shy away. However, while cost is an important factor to consider, modern air conditioners can run efficiently and even save money when choosing to upgrade an older system. Here are a few myths that can help you to make the best budget decisions when thinking about your air conditioning solutions.

Air Conditioners Cost Too Much to Run

All air conditioning systems Perth cost money to run, however most modern systems can run very efficiently. Manufacturers are constantly improving the efficiency of their air conditioning systems by reducing their environmental impact and saving customers money on energy bills. A well maintained and professionally installed air con system will run efficiently over its lifespan. For older systems it might be worth looking at air conditioning Perth prices. Upgrading to a new system may just be worth the energy saving benefits over time.

Lowering the Temperature to Cool the Room Faster

When arriving home to a hot house, many people assume that by setting their air conditioner to a very low temperature it will cool the room down much faster. However, it actually takes the same amount of time to cool each room to a comfortable temperature as the system will still cool at the same rate regardless of the temperature setting. The temperature that you choose will reflect what temperature you want the room to get to eventually, so it will just take longer to get there. As a result, you will probably end up feeling cold and will have wasted energy and money in the process. To save as much energy as possible, set the thermostat to the desired temperature so that the air conditioning system will automatically switch off when the room has cooled.

A Larger Air Con System is Better

The size and type of air conditioner will depend on the size of the home, the number of rooms to be cooled, the type of home, as well as many other factors. A qualified technician will take into account many factors to ensure that the right size system is installed. By installing an air conditioning system that is too large for the area to be cooled, will not only end up costing more upfront, but it will also result in higher running costs and energy use over time.

A well installed and properly maintained air conditioning system can provide your home with an efficient form of heating, cooling, humidity control and filtration. Air conditioning Perth can help to provide a comfortable home for you and your family without excessive energy use. If you’re think about upgrading or installing new air conditioning systems Perth talk to the friendly team at Mouritz Gas & Air who are more than happy to assist you with an air conditioning system best suited to your home and lifestyle.

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