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Since launching its first air conditioner over forty years ago, Panasonic has defined next-level home climate comfort. Today, their extensive air conditioning ranges perfectly match any space, either at home or in the office. With an optimised model to suit every need, Panasonic’s systems bring innovative, efficient, heating and cooling to the Perth air conditioning market. It’s a popular choice in homes, businesses, and WA schools. Whether you’re looking to stay cool in the summer or toasty in the winter, Panasonic is an air conditioner brand with reliable year-round climate solutions. As Perth’s largest Panasonic dealer, Mouritz works closely with Panasonic to ensure the needs of Perth residents are met. From installation to maintenance and repair across Perth, Mouritz is the Panasonic service agent to use.

Why should I choose a Panasonic air conditioner?

Panasonic air conditioners provide reliable, quality, heating and cooling solutions for any home. They offer a range of ducted and split system air conditioners to suit your lifestyle and budget requirements. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive cooling solution for your entire home or just a single split system unit, Panasonic has something to offer you. With its main office in Sydney and branches spread across Australia and New Zealand, Panasonic has a deep understanding of the diverse Australian climate and the variety of homes found here. They manufacture products that ensure comfort within your home, regardless of the weather conditions. Panasonic air conditioners are not only stylish and easy to use, they are also cost-effective and durable. They provide solutions for residential and commercial air conditioning needs and even come with a standard five-year warranty from the manufacturer. All of this makes Panasonic air conditioners a safe and reliable long-term option.

Panasonic air conditioning installation

As a reliable Panasonic dealer, Mouritz can handle all of your air conditioner installation needs. We’ll even inspect your property, talk you through options, and determine the best system for your home. It’s important to get the installation right the first time to minimise the risk of future breakdowns or malfunctions. Our certified HVAC experts are experienced with Panasonic air conditioners, so your heating and cooling system is in capable hands. Each installation is unique, and will be influenced by your home’s layout and the type of air conditioner. Incorrect installation of an air conditioner could potentially harm your home. If not properly secured, wall-mounted air conditioners could even pose a risk of injury, so it’s important to use a service agent you trust. Mouritz is the largest and most successful Panasonic dealer in WA. We’ll ensure you get the best warranty and after-sales service, along with stocking an extensive range of spare parts for emergency repairs.

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Panasonic air conditioning service and repair

TheLike any electronic appliance, your Panasonic air conditioner will eventually need servicing, and possibly repair. Getting your Panasonic system serviced at least once a year is a good idea so that an HVAC technician can clean it out and ensure all the parts are functioning correctly. But in addition to the annual servicing, you should contact a professional if you observe any unusual noises, odours, or leaks from your air conditioner. Reduced efficiency or insufficient airflow could also indicate that your air conditioner requires repair. While these issues might appear minor, left untreated, they could escalate into major problems unexpectedly. And nobody wants to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioner during the peak of summer. Mouritz is a top provider of Panasonic service and repairs in Perth. The Mouritz team will carry out a routine service that includes cleaning panels, clearing the filters, and replacing parts when needed. This leaves you free to enjoy no-stress heating and cooling.

Are Panasonic air conditioners environmentally friendly?

Panasonic air conditioners have many features that help make them an environmentally friendly climate control option. Different Panasonic models have been designed to reduce carbon emissions, so they are a great choice for homeowners or businesses who want to focus on sustainability, and reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, Panasonic has implemented R32 refrigerant in their models, which has the lowest impact on global warming of any equivalent refrigerant. This is a testament to their focus on the environment. As a company, they have committed to cutting their CO2 emissions in half to maintain 2020 levels.

How much do Panasonic air conditioners cost?

The cost of your Panasonic air conditioner depends on the system you choose. Certain models will be more energy-efficient than others, depending on their size, design, and unique features or specifications. Ducted air conditioners, which operate throughout the entire house, can often be more costly. On the other hand, split systems typically consisting of one indoor and one outdoor unit, could be cheaper for smaller homes or single rooms. If you intend to install split system units in every room, however, a ducted system could end up being more cost-effective. Panasonic provides a variety of different systems, each with its distinct advantages. Systems that are larger or equipped with specialised technology may be priced higher than simpler models.

How can I make my air conditioning cost effective?

The cost of your Panasonic system will  be influenced by its usage, and how often it’s serviced or maintained. Constant operation of your air conditioner or neglecting repairs could affect your system’s efficiency over time, leading to higher operational costs. Making sure you service your system at least once a year will be cost-efficient in the long term, as it will lead to lower running costs, a longer system life and better energy efficiency. There are other things you can do to reduce your costs. For example, using ceiling fans, or even portable units, to increase airflow and reduce temperatures quicker. You should also set your thermostat to around 23C, so that you can cool your home at a constant, while consuming less power.


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If you’re ready to enjoy a quality Panasonic air conditioner, Mouritz is here to help. We’re Perth’s air conditioner experts, and we’ll get you set up in no time. Benefit from our installation, maintenance, and repair services, and let our team guide you through the process, from start to finish. Whether you’re in the market for a small unit or need commercial-grade climate control for your business, Panasonic has an air conditioner to suit. And to go along with that, Mouritz has the expertise to install and repair it. Chat with our friendly team for more information about Panasonic air conditioners, or request a quote today.

Panasonic The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • The latest inverter technology
  • Super quiet and efficient operation
  • State of the art controllers with daily or weekly timers
  • 5 year warranty


  • Compressor is located outside your home in a low traffic area
  • A network of ductwork is installed in your roofspace cavity and connected to 6-20 outlets


  • Operated by an easy to use LCD controller
  • Complete temperature control
  • Provide air conditioning to set rooms being used with zoning capabilities to ensure higher energy efficiency
  • Programmable systems for both weekly and daily requirements

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