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Gas Heater Service & Repair Perth

Keeping warm and comfortable during the colder months while avoiding high energy costs can be a difficult balance. The benefits of using gas to heat your home not only result in lower energy bills, but gas is much kinder to the environment.

Gas heaters provide a fast and efficient form of heat during winter. Once lit, heat immediately begins to flow into your home without waiting for the room to warm up. Gas heaters also provide a comforting cozy atmosphere, similar to a log fire but without the hassle.

Like other appliances, gas heaters need to be maintained. Neglecting this may mean that your gas heater isn’t operating to its full potential. It may also increase the potential for faults, causing carbon monoxide fumes to be released. Regular services for your gas heater will ensure that it continues to work efficiently and safely for you and your family.

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Gas Heater Service & Repair Perth

Enhanced Safety

Some people only consider the safety of their gas heater when in need of repairs. However regular service and maintenance provides you with the comfort of knowing that your gas heater is safe and efficient throughout the winter months. Your Mouritz technician understands that safety is always considered to be a priority and follows strict procedures to ensure that any potential safety issues are addressed immediately.
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Lower Energy Bills

Regular maintenance of you gas heater will not only provide safety. It will also ensure that your heater continues to run efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills.

Improved Performance

Regular service and maintenance of your heating system will ensure it delivers peak performance and operates at optimal efficiency. Once completed your system will have improved capacity and operate safety. Giving you the confidence that when the temperatures start to drop, you will feel safe and comfortable.

Signs that your heater may need a service:

  • Discolouration or heat damage on the heating panels or walls.
  • Pilot light going out unexpectedly.
  • Pops or bangs when lighting the heater.
  • An unusual smell.
  • The walls of the heater are far too hot to touch.

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Reduce Repairs

While it may seem counterintuitive to pay for a service to save money, you may be pleasantly surprised by the reduced repair costs over the long term. Regular services will be able to identify any components that show signs of wear and replace them before they fail. This type of preventative maintenance creates an opportunity for smaller issues to be corrected before they can become expensive repairs.

Manufacturers usually recommend that gas heaters are serviced every one to two years. It is advisable to refer to your owner’s manual to check how often a service is recommended. A service just before the colder months may be beneficial.

During servicing your Mouritz technician will thoroughly inspect and test your gas heater, making any minor adjustments if necessary. This improves the performance of your heater and ensures that all elements of your system are operating at full capacity to boost efficiency and lower your utility bills.

If you’re considering a gas heating service or repair, Mouritz have a wealth of experience in the heating and cooling industry. The Mouritz team are always ready to answer any questions you have and are available to schedule an appointment at your convenience.
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