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Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning is an efficient climate control solution. Composed of both an indoor and outdoor unit, split systems are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install. Smaller systems often only cost a few hundred dollars to install. With Mouritz, you get the peace of mind that comes with experienced HVAC technicians and reliable advice, making your air conditioning journey stress-free.

Is split system air conditioning right for me?

Split system air conditioning might be right for you if you need a cost-effective, targeted solution for heating or cooling your home. Split system units are both efficient and affordable, making them an excellent option. Since they are split between outdoor and indoor components, their installation is incredibly flexible. You can add indoor units to different rooms as your needs change and they come in a wide range of sizes. Split system air conditioners are an excellent option if you only need to heat or cool certain parts of your home. If you live in a smaller home, you might want to consider a split system. It offers you an excellent way to maximise comfort while keeping installation and operating costs low.

How does a split system air conditioner work?

As the name suggests, split system air conditioners are split into two primary components. The outdoor component interacts with air from the outside whereas the indoor component does the same for air inside the home. The two components of a split system air conditioner are connected using a series of electrical wires and gas pumps. Most split systems are refrigerated, meaning they work by absorbing heat from the air and releasing it somewhere else. Some have reverse cycle capabilities, meaning they can provide heating too.

In terms of installation, both components in a split system are quite flexible. The indoor unit is mounted in whatever room or area you need it for. For the outdoor unit, you simply need to find a low traffic area on the outside of your home.

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Reverse cycle split system air conditioners

Reverse cycle split system air conditions have the capability to both cool and heat a home. They do this using substances called refrigerants. These substances are capable of absorbing heat from the air and then redistributing it somewhere else. For the purpose of cooling a home, the refrigerant absorbs heat from inside the home and distributes it outside. When you need heating, the process happens in reverse and distributes hot air from outside inside of the home. A reverse cycle system allows you to save on buying a separate heater and air conditioner for your home.

What size split system air conditioner do I need?

The size of your split system air conditioner is mainly determined by the size of your room and your location. Room size and volume helps determine the correct system for your energy needs. Without proper consideration, you could end up with a too-large system that costs more than it saves, or a too small system which doesn’t efficiently heat and cool your home. Getting the right sized split system air conditioner helps you get maximum heating and cooling at minimum cost. When you team up with Mouritz, we’ll measure your room’s length, width, and ceiling height.

Split system vs ducted air conditioning

Split systems and ducted air conditioning both deliver great climate control, but are suited to different environments. Ducted air conditioning is typically preferred for whole-home air conditioning. Installing a ducted system is a more intricate process, as it is incorporated into the structure of the building. Ducts are installed in different areas of the house, allowing the system to expel air everywhere. As a result, they are very discreet and don’t make much noise while they’re operating.

However, ducted systems also tend to be more expensive than split system air conditioners. The increased complexity of their installation translates to higher costs. Additionally, they are generally designed for larger homes with many rooms. As a result, they tend to use a higher amount of energy than split systems. If you only need climate control for a few rooms or spaces in your home, a split system offers a cheaper and more efficient solution.

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth

How often do split system air conditioners need servicing?

Your split system air conditioner should be serviced at least once a year. This ensures your system is functioning at optimal efficiency. This is incredibly important during summer, when most air conditioning units will be working overtime. However, this is also the busiest period for service and repairs, so it’s advisable to get professional servicing and maintenance in an earlier part of the year.

Luckily, Mourtiz has a team of trained HVAC technicians ready to meet your air conditioning service and repair needs. We’ll have a look at your system, get everything clean and tidy, and check if anything needs repairing. This process helps prevent breakdowns and maximise the heating and cooling benefits of your system.

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth

How much does it cost to install split system air conditioning?

The cost of installing a split system air conditioner is influenced by your system size, materials used, home electrical infrastructure, and house access. The cost of installing smaller split system air conditioners starts at around $700 to $850. Installing a larger system, on the other hand, can be $2000 or more.

System size also affects how many components must be used by HVAC technicians during the installation process. Larger systems will need to incorporate more piping, wiring and cables, which all contribute to the overall costs.

The state of home’s electrical system can also impact the cost of installing a split system air conditioner. If your system needs to be repaired or updated, you will need to pay for these changes before adding your air conditioner.

With Mouritz, we’re dedicated to providing hassle-free air conditioning installation. With over 40 years of industry experience, our experts can guide you through the process, start to finish. We’ll assess your home and get you up and running with efficient heating and cooling as soon as possible.

Chat to the friendly Mouritz team for quality heating and cooling advice, or request a quote.

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