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For those looking for a comprehensive heating  system, with the ability to select and zone your heating, while potentially cutting costs and saving money on your bills, ducted gas heating is a heating system that can meet your needs. While ducted gas heating might involve a more involved installation than some other forms of heating, it can provide advanced comfort and efficiency, so is well worth considering.

Why do I need ducted gas heating?


Ducted gas heating has many advantages for those looking to heat their homes. It’s efficient, comfortable, and reliable, using considerably less electricity than other comparable systems. Due to its reduced electricity usage and low maintenance, it’s also cost-effective. Because ducted gas heaters do not have any exposed coils or elements, they are a safer option for a family home than some other systems. 

They also offer a quiet operation that heats your home swiftly, with even coverage. There are also a number of options available with ducted gas heating that offer the opportunity to zone your home, to heat different sections at different times. You could also add on cooling to enhance your comfort.
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How does ducted gas heating work?


Ducted gas heating requires the installation of a central heating unit, usually in a roof cavity, provided there is adequate space. The central heating unit draws the cold air in from the rest of your home, passes it through an exchanger, where it’s heated through gas combustion. 

The warm air is then distributed throughout the rest of your home through a series of vents and ducts. You control the central system through a thermostat, so you can turn the heating on and off and control the temperature, as required.

Is gas ducted heating safe?

Gas ducted heating is a safe heating option. Unlike open fires or a gas wall heater, which create the possibility of being burned, gas ducted heating is safe because it’s discreet, with no naked flame. It is, however, advisable to have any system, particularly one that uses gas, checked regularly, to ensure it’s functioning. The biggest risk associated with gas heating is carbon monoxide poisoning. Install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home and be mindful of symptoms such as nausea, headaches and dizziness. Provided you have your ducted gas heater serviced at least once every two years and you have a well-ventilated home, gas ducted heating is perfectly safe.

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Expected Comfort

It’s at your fingertips. With the remote control you can select the desired temperature. Depending on your requirements you may be recommended 1 – 2 zones.

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What types of ducted gas heating systems are available?

There are several different types of ducted gas heating systems available, each with different features and advantages. You can choose between a range of different cooling capacities and strengths, as well as functionality of inverters. Ducted gas heating is available across a number of premium brands, including Braemar and Bonaire. 

One of the positives about ducted gas heating is that there are a number of additional services that can be added to it. If the humidity levels in your home are not to your liking, you can add humidifiers or dehumidifiers to the system to improve your air quality. If you’re looking for year-round usage, you can add on cooling, without having to install an entirely separate cooling system, making a ducted gas heating systems one of the most comprehensive available in Perth.

How does the ducted gas heating installation process work?

The ducted gas heating installation process works through a series of stages. Initially, we offer a site evaluation and system sizing, where we will assess your home and talk you through the options that would be most appropriate to your home and living situation. 

We can then provide you with a ducting layout and different zoning options. The price of the installation will depend on how extensive the zoning is, as well as the size of your home. It will also take into account how complex the installation is likely to be, and whether there is an existing ceiling cavity to house the unit. 

Once your needs and choices have been confirmed, we can guarantee a professional installation by experienced technicians, who will be qualified to answer any questions you have about the process as they go. All of our installations will be compliant with local regulations and building codes, depending on the area that your home is in. For those who are not satisfied with the service, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Is ducted gas heating expensive to run?

Ducted gas heating is extremely efficient and cost-effective, which means it’s cheaper to run than many of its heating system alternatives. 

Natural gas can be one of the cheaper fuel sources, which makes ducted gas heating a cheaper system to run than systems that require electricity. The ability to zone your home and turn the heat on and off in certain areas, depending on whether or not you’re using them, also makes ducted gas heating a cost effective option. 

While it’s cheaper to run and maintain than some other systems, its initial installation costs can be more expensive, so it’s worth considering your heating needs carefully before you decide which system to opt for. 

Is gas heating cheaper than air conditioning?

It’s difficult to determine whether gas heating is cheaper than air conditioning because there are so many other factors to take into consideration. The cheapest option for you will depend on the size and layout of your home, how much you intend to use your system and how challenging the installation process is likely to be.

Why is regular maintenance important for ducted gas heating?

Regular maintenance of ducted gas heating is important for optimal performance and safety. Like every heating or cooling system, it needs to be maintained if you want it to perform.

 A ducted gas heating system is made up of several different parts and components; if one malfunctions, it can compromise the condition and performance of the others, which will create bigger issues over time. Dirt, dust and debris can slow down the effectiveness of the system, making it less efficient and more expensive to run. It’s important to check the air filter once a month.

Finally, systems involving the use of gas should always be maintained properly, and serviced regularly to ensure the quality of air and to check that the system is running safely. Mouritz services and maintains a range of ducted gas heating systems, including Bonaire, Braemar and Brivis and can guarantee a highly-trained, qualified HVAC technician will carry out a service for your gas ducted heating system.

Why should you choose Mouritz for your ducted gas heating needs in Perth?

Mouritz has over four decades of experience in the air conditioning market, installing, servicing and repairing systems and units around Perth. This experience means that we know the local market.

 As a family business, we understand the competing needs within families, and are best placed to advise customers as to which system will suit them best. All of our technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable and happy to help answer any questions or enquiries you may have. We offer competitive pricing and financing options and with our experience in both installation and servicing and repair, we can meet all your air conditioning needs under one roof.

Contact us today if you need help with any of your ducted gas heating system needs in Perth.

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