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Braemar is a reliable, family-owned heating and cooling brand. Known for energy-efficient evaporative cooling and ducted gas heating, Braemar delivers quality products that keep your house comfortable and your energy bills low. Mouritz understands Braemar systems and how they operate, so we can help you with all your servicing and repair needs. When you want quality evaporative air conditioning and expert advice, Braemar and Mouritz are the team to beat.

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Braemar evaporative air condtioning

Braemar provides a wide range of quality evaporative air conditioners. Suitable for a single room, or your entire home, evaporative cooling is efficient and simple. Evaporative air conditioners draw hot air from outside and cool it using soaked pads, where it evaporates to create cooling. This style of climate control works particularly well with Perth’s hot, dry weather. Unlike other coolers, they bring fresh air from the outside instead of circulating the same air. This means you’re getting purified, allergen-free air all day long. If you suffer from allergies, or like to keep indoor plants, evaporative air conditioning is a good choice for your home. Braemar are experts in all things evaporative. When you choose a Braemar evaporative cooler, you’re signing up for effective climate control comfort.

Product range

Braemar has a range of products to suit your household’s individual cooling needs. They provide a choice of capacities and colours to ensure you’re getting the best system for the lowest price.  

Braemar Evolution LPQI 

Braemar’s Evolution series delivers discrete cooling in style. The unit keeps a low profile and blends seamlessly into your roof. Its touch screen controller gives you easy access and control. When you combine cutting-edge technology and effective climate control, you could save almost 80% on energy bills compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner. This air conditioner has a 13.2kW cooling capacity and a maximum airflow of 2850L/s. 

Braemar Paradigm LCQ series

The Paradigm LCQ series is a high quality evaporative cooler that’s built to last. If you’re looking for hassle-free cooling for years to come, Braemar’s Paradigm LCQ series has got you covered. With an intuitive smart controller and proven excellent performance, you can enjoy a refreshing breeze in the heat of summer. These evaporative coolers have a cooling capacity of 14.1kW and a maximum airflow of 2810L/s. They also come with a Stealth fan, ensuring quiet cooling all year round. 

Braemar SuperStealth Invertair LCQI series

The Braemar SuperStealth Invertair is ultra quiet, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. It’s the first high-performance inverter axial evaporative air conditioner in the world. With a cooling capacity of 14.3kW, a maximum airflow of 3070L/s, and a smart controller, you’ll have plenty of fresh, cool air at your fingertips. Fitted with a SuperStealth fan, this cooler is also a quiet operator. What’s more, it’s great for the environment. Refrigerated coolers often use damaging chemicals, but evaporative coolers utilise natural processes to cool air.

Braemar gas heating

Braemar also offers a range of ducted gas heating solutions. They deliver quality heating built to last those freezing winter nights. Ducted gas heating is a super easy way to heat your home efficiently and comfortably. A single system sucks air from inside the house, heats it, and then releases it through ducts and outlets in your ceiling. Braemar’s Ecostar range is reliable, quiet, and offers add-on cooling systems for some models. Their Rebuff and Supernova gas heaters are simple to use and even allow zone-heating with certain models.

Braemar air conditioning prices

The cost of your Braemar air conditioner will vary depending on style, capacity, and installation. Higher capacity units tend to be more expensive due to their complex design. Systems that incorporate modern technology and smart features also increase the overall price. However, evaporative air conditioning is typically easier to install than reverse cycle or ducted systems, which helps keep the price down. 

In the long run, evaporative air conditioning is usually more cost-efficient. Since they don’t use refrigerated gas or air compressors, they have low running costs and save on household energy bills in the future.

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Braemar evaporative air conditioning installation

Installing a Braemar evaporative cooler is a relatively simple process. However, the installation may be affected by the size of your system and layout of your home. Installation may take longer if you’ve chosen a bigger system or if your house requires alterations to fit the cooler. Like any air conditioning installation, it’s easier with help from the experts. Mouritz has a team of dedicated HVAC professionals ready to get your cooling system up and running in no time. We’ve even created a handy guide to understanding air conditioning installation.

Braemar service and repairs

All Braemar evaporative coolers come with a five year manufacturers warranty. As one of the largest Braemar dealers, Mouritz ensures our clients receive nothing but the best warranties and after sales service. We even stock plenty of spare parts so you have access to quality repairs whenever you need it.

Regularly servicing your evaporative system keeps everything running efficiently. We recommend conducting services and repairs once a year for optimal effectiveness. Staying on top of maintenance means you’re not caught out with pesky breakdowns in the middle of summer.

Mouritz’s professional technician team is skilled in all aspects of service and repair. We’ll repair as needed, check all components, and maintain your evaporative cooler health. With over 40 years of industry experience, our reliable hands can tackle all of your heating and cooling troubles safely and on time. Chat to the Mouritz team for evaporative air conditioning advice, or request a quote.

Braemar The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • Some of the most advanced inverters on the market
  • Operate quietly to avoid disturbing members of the household
  • Controllers allow you to customise timers
  • Warranty lasts five years


  • Compressors can be installed outdoors to avoid getting in the way
  • Duct network fits into the space within the roof and leads to a range of outlets around the house


  • LCD controller makes controlling your air conditioner simple and easy
  • Subtle and targeted temperature control available
  • Zoning can be used to limit heating or cooling to the rooms where you really need it and save on energy efficiency

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