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With the increasing costs of electricity, evaporative air conditioning can provide a cost-effective way to cool down during the summer months. Evaporative cooling uses a natural process of taking hot dry air from outside and pumping it through water-soaked cooling pads. As the air passes through the cooling pads, the heat is absorbed and the water evaporates, resulting in cool air being pushed into the building.

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Evaporative vs Refrigerated

Traditional air conditioners use more energy than evaporative systems. They also release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Evaporative air conditioners are more efficient to run (which saves you money) and are much better for the environment. Evaporative coolers also create a healthier environment by keeping the air fresh in your home.

Evaporative air conditioners do no recirculate air within your home, so a door or window needs to be open to allow air to escape. This provides your home with a continuous source of fresh air circulating throughout the day. Dry air can irritate those with allergies or asthma, and often find that evaporative air conditioners are beneficial as they add moisture to the air.


Another benefit of evaporative air conditioners is their low running costs. Maintenance on these units generally costs less when compared to refrigerated air conditioners. They are also cheaper to purchase initially. Evaporative coolers can make an affordable alternative to traditional air conditioning units if suited to your climate and lifestyle.

Climates Suited to Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative air conditioners are not suitable for everyone. It can depend on the climate you live in. Evaporative air conditioners work well in dry climates but are not ideal for tropical climates and some sub-tropical areas. In general, evaporative coolers are suited to those living in southern coastal areas and the majority of inland Australia.

Service and Maintenance

Like all air conditioners, evaporative systems need to be serviced regularly by a qualified technician. This will ensure that your air conditioner continues to run efficiently, maintaining low running costs throughout its life. As well as being cheaper to run, evaporative air conditioners cost less to service and maintain.

Having your evaporative air conditioner serviced regularly means that you can benefit from preventative maintenance. Our technicians are highly skilled and have experience in all aspects of servicing and repair. This means that we take the time to check all components for wear and tear, or if anything is in need of replacement. Even a seemingly minor component can cause serious problems if it fails. This is one of the most common reasons for a system breakdown, and it could leave you feeling the heat if your system fails during the hot summer weather.

Regular services can reduce the risk of breakdown, as well as help to prevent electrical faults which can potentially become dangerous. Maintenance carried out by qualified technicians can ensure that your evaporative system continues to operate safely.

The team at Mouritz Air Conditioning Perth has the expertise and experience to service or repair your evaporative air conditioning and ensure that your equipment is operating safely and efficiency. Our technicians will check your system for any worn components, electrical faults and debris that may affect the air flow or increase the risk of fire.

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