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Evaporative air conditioning is an excellent home-cooling option in Perth. It works by funnelling hot, dry air into soaked cooling pads. The water in the pads evaporates, and the air temperature drops. An internal fan disperses the cool air throughout the household. Perth’s climate is incredibly well-suited to evaporative air conditioning. It provides a low-cost solution to cooling your entire home.

Mouritz is able to take care of your air conditioning needs with no issue. We also offer solar panel installation to make your home even more energy-efficient.


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Is evaporative air conditioning right for me?

Evaporative air conditioning could be right for you, depending on your situation. A big factor to consider is your local environment. Evaporative air conditioners operate most effectively in areas with hot, dry air. This means evaporative air conditioning works well in Perth. Conversely, they operate suboptimally in areas with high humidity. This means evaporative air conditioners are far less effective in places like Darwin.

Another consideration with evaporative air conditioning is air filtration. Other types of air conditioners recirculate the same air, whereas evaporative air conditioners bring completely new air into the home every two to three minutes. This fresh air is purified from allergens and odours, which is beneficial to members of the household with hay fever or similar conditions. The humidity of the air also increases, which helps your indoor plants to thrive. These systems work well with doors or windows open, making them good for homes with pets and children.

How does evaporative air conditioning work?

Evaporative air conditioning works by using water vapour to cool the surrounding air. This is achieved by utilising water-soaked cooling pads inside the air conditioning unit. Evaporative air conditioners draw in hot, dry air from outside, which passes through the cooling pads. When this happens, the cooling pads absorb the heat from the air to evaporate the water. The cool air is then pumped into the home’s duct network using an internal fan and distributed across the house.

evaporative air conditioning perth

How much does evaporative air conditioning cost?

Many factors affect the total cost of evaporative air conditioning. There are both short and long-term considerations to be aware of. In the short term, the sales price and the installation cost of an evaporative air conditioner are important factors. Sales prices vary based on the brands and characteristics of AC units. Some brands charge higher rates for their products. But even within brands, larger or more modern evaporative air conditioners carry heftier price tags. On the other hand, installation cost depends on your chosen installer and the specific model. Larger, more complex systems tend to cost more to install.

Long-term costs of an evaporative air conditioner include running and maintenance costs. Running costs refer to how much power your air conditioner needs to function. Evaporative air conditioners with higher efficiency ratings use less power and provide greater savings as a result. Maintenance costs refer to the price of keeping your air conditioner’s parts in working order. Most of these costs are related to cleaning.

Generally, evaporative air conditioning costs less than its alternatives. Compared to reverse cycle systems, both the short-term and long-term costs are lower. However, reverse cycle systems have the added benefit of providing heating. Evaporative air conditioners only provide cooling, so you would need to install a separate appliance to heat your home.

How does evaporative air conditioning installation work?

The exact method of installation for evaporative air conditioning depends on the model being installed. However, there is a general setup most units follow. The main evaporative air conditioning unit is typically installed on the roof of the building. This allows it to have a central position with easy access to ducts. A central position helps the unit to distribute air evenly across the household.

When installing an evaporative air conditioner on a roof, there are some important factors to consider. The roof must be in good condition to effectively support the AC unit. If the roof’s condition is sub-par, this may mean getting repairs done. Another issue is protection against the elements. Some roofs may leave the evaporative air conditioner vulnerable to wind and heavy rain after installation. Additional protection can be installed in these cases.

Often, a hole must be made in the roof’s structure to install an evaporative air conditioner. The exact process varies depending on the material used in the roof. Roofing materials like tiles are easier to do this for. Once the AC unit is secured in this section of the roof, it can be connected to the ducting. After this, the evaporative air conditioner is fully installed and capable of cooling your home.

evaporative air conditioning perth

Do I need evaporative air conditioner service?

You need to get your evaporative air conditioner serviced regularly for it to remain functional. During servicing, a qualified technician checks over the components of the evaporative air conditioner to ensure they are working properly. They examine the valves and water lines to find any leaks or drips. Outlets are examined to make sure they are free of restriction. The fan is also tested on all settings.

In addition to checking for damaged components, evaporative air conditioner servicing includes cleaning. Cleaning the filter pads, screens, blades, nozzles and water pump helps to remove dirt, dust and debris from the air conditioning unit. This allows the evaporative air conditioner to operate with maximum efficiency.

The cost of servicing an evaporative air conditioner depends on the model, the company you are using and whether any parts need replacing. Ideally, the frequency of servicing will be based on its brand and model. But generally, once or twice a year is appropriate for an evaporative air conditioner.

Full servicing should be left to the professionals, but there are things you can do to keep your evaporative air conditioner in good condition. Cleaning your AC unit’s components helps it to run effectively. It might also save you money on repairs.


Pros And Cons Of Using Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning


Evaporative air conditioning is beneficial to consumers in a number of ways, including:

  • Evaporative air conditioners are less expensive to purchase, set up and run than other air conditioning types like split systems.
  • These systems are more environmentally friendly due to low electrical usage, increasing the moisture of household air and not emitting greenhouse gases.
  • Cool air is constantly pumped through the whole home, making zone control unnecessary.
  • Evaporative systems function well even when doors and windows are open.
  • Units are installed on roofs, so operating noises are barely noticeable.
  • Filter pads remove dust and pollen before it enters the home.




Evaporative air conditioners have these considerations to keep in mind before buying:

  • Evaporative air conditioners require a steady supply of water to function.
  • A consistent supply of air from the outside is necessary for these systems.
  • These systems need regular cleaning to avoid the accumulation of mould and mineral deposits in the pads, screens, blades, and nozzles.
  • Evaporative systems are less efficient when it’s raining or when humidity is high.
  • If improperly installed, it increases the risk of water leaking from the ceiling outlets.
  • Filters do not remove all allergens and irritants from the air.
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A Bonaire Evaporative air conditioner can be likened to a sea breeze as hot air from the outside is drawn through water moistened filters, cooling the air as it is distributed throughout you home. Call Mouritz today for more information on 1300 369 690.
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Very happy with my new Bonaire evaporative air conditioner. The service I received from sale consultant Dylan was first class and he answered all my questions and nothing was too much trouble. Our installation was done in a timely manner and the Mal was polite and did the install quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate in recommending Mouritz Air Conditioning Perth. Keep up the good customer service!
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We just got our Bonaire evaporative install today and could not be any happier. we had the chance to deal with Jason Curtis as sale consultant. and this guy goes beyond sale. had bit of little issues and he came straight away to sort everything out. This is the kind of services we all expect and receive from Jason. I would recommend this company to everyone and specially ask for Jason.5 stars sale consultant.

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70 – 210 sqm, 3 – 10 outlets

70 – 210 sqm, 3 – 10 outlets

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Operating Efficiency

9 – 10 cents/hour electricity & water ; Around $1 a day to run

9 – 10 cents/hour electricity & water ; Around $1 a day to run

9 – 10 cents/hour electricity & water

Power Supply

10A 240v

10A 240v

10A 240v


Fully automatic / Thermostat

Single fully automatic remote / Thermostat 3 Phase

Cool / Ventilate variable speed


5 years parts and labour (optional 2 year extended)

25 year cabinet warranty

10 year structural warranty

10 year warranty on ductwork components

7 years parts and labour

25 year cabinet warranty

10 year structural warranty

10 year warranty on ductwork components

5 years parts and labour

25 year cabinet warranty

10 year warranty on ductwork components


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