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How Does Ducted Gas Heating System Work?

If you’re considering options to heat your home, you’re likely to find that there are several types of systems to choose from. One type of heating option that is often overlooked is ducted gas heating. Gas ducted heating has increased in popularity in recent years, and while the installation may be a little more involved than other types of heating systems, it can provide superior comfort and efficiency.


The Gas Ducted Heating Basics


A ducted gas heating passes cold air over a heat exchanger, and the treated air is then warmed using gas combustion. The treated air is then pushed throughout the home and distributed via a series of ducts and vents that are usually located in the floor or ceiling. These vents or registers direct the warmed air into the rooms and heating outlets are located around the home to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. While it may involve a more indepth installation, in many cases, the ductwork and vents can also be used with an air conditioning system, so they can be used for both heating and cooling your home. 

In most cases, ducted heating systems are installed in new build homes, but it may be possible to retro fit an older home with a ducted system. There are a number of factors that need to be considered, including:


Roof space: You will need space in your roof area for the ductwork to be installed. The ductwork typically has a diameter of between 200 and 400 millimetres, so you will need at least this amount of space in your roof. Remember that you will need space for the installer to work in the roof area, and if it will be a tight squeeze, it could create installation problems. 

Your roof structure: How your roof is structured can also influence whether a ducted system can be installed. The layout of the roof supports and trusses will influence the available space. The materials used in your ceiling will also affect whether you can install a ducted system. For example, ducts cannot be laid over a raked ceiling. This type of high ceiling was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, so if your home dates back to this era, it could create installation problems. 

The existing layout: Additionally, you will need to consider what is already in place inside your roof space. You may have a network of electrical wiring that could affect the ductwork. You will need sufficient space to install the ceiling grates for the ductwork, so you may need to remove or alter existing ceiling fans or existing lights.


Ducted Gas Heating Running Costs


Every ducted gas heating system has an Energy Star rating to help the consumer to choose equipment that is efficient. An Energy Star rating can be in the 3-7 range, and the higher the rating, the more efficient the ducted gas heating system will be. A higher rated system may cost more initially, but it will pay for itself with lower running costs in the years to come. 


Ducted Gas Heating vs. Traditional Heating Systems


When you compare a ducted gas heating system to a more traditional heating option, you will quickly notice that ducted gas uses far less electricity. This will mean that you will save money on the running costs and you will be producing far fewer greenhouse gases. Ducted gas heating is a great choice if you want efficient home heating that’s also environmentally friendly. With an efficient ducted gas heating system, you could save as much as 1.99T in CO2 emissions annually and still have a warm and comfortable home.


Is Ducted Gas Heating Right For You?


Ducted gas heating has become one of the most popular ways to heat a home in recent years. The heat output is efficient, and it’s not reliant on the external temperature like a reverse cycle heating system. The main attractions for many homeowners are the efficiency if they opt for a high Energy Star rating system and the environmental benefits mentioned above. If you are unsure whether a ducted gas heating system is the right choice for your home, you should consult with a heating and air conditioning specialist. An experienced professional can assess the characteristics of your home to determine if a ducted system is feasible and offers the best available heating option. 


The Available Optional Extras


There are several optional extras available that could significantly increase the functionality of your ducted gas heating system; these include zone control, add-on cooling and dehumidifiers.


Zone Control: This is also known as zoning and installing this optional extra in your ducted gas heating system could further reduce your running costs. Adding zone control will allow you to choose which rooms or areas in your home that you would like to heat (or cool if you add the following option). This will save money because you won’t need to heat rooms that are not being used.


Add-on Cooling


A standard ducted gas heating system as the name would suggest is installed to provide efficient heating. However, if you choose to install an option add-on cooling option, you can use your system to cool your home as well. The system will generate refrigerated air conditioning that is delivered by the same series of ducts and vents as your heating. Using this existing air delivery infrastructure is a great way to save money on installation costs and space that would be needed for a separate cooling system.


Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers


If the humidity levels inside your home are not at the optimum level, then you may benefit from installing a humidifier or dehumidifer. When this is added to your new ducted system, it will provide centralised moisture control to improve the air quality throughout your home. 


If you need ducted gas heating in Perth, contact Mouritz for expert help and advice today. Our experienced technician team is available to answer any of your queries to help you determine the heating options best suited to the unique characteristics of your home. 

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