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How Often is an Evaporative Air Conditioning Service Needed?

Most people are not diligent enough to stay on top of their air conditioning servicing requirements. This is true in many aspects of our busy modern lives; if something is working we tend to ignore it until it fails, and then we investigate how to fix the problem. However, as the old adage goes “prevention is better than the cure, ” and this is very relevant to air conditioning. An air conditioning unit is a complex piece of equipment made up of electrical, electronic and mechanical components. Preventative maintenance provides a host of benefits; it will make your system work more effectively and more efficiently. There is a lot of confusion regarding how often an evaporative air conditioning service is needed, and we will cover this here.

Schedule an Early Spring AC Tune Up:

The best time of the year to schedule a maintenance visit for your air conditioning system is during the early part of spring. At this time of year, there are usually no particular demands on your system, and it should be easier to get an appointment. Most people, wait to get a service just before they need their systems to start working and this can cause a backlog at your favourite local air conditioning company. Booking early in the spring will avoid this problem and allow the technician to service your system before it’s needed. When the heating season begins, the strain on the components will be ramped up, and you will be glad that your system was checked out.

What Kinds of Problems Can be Avoided?

Even if your system was working well during the last cooling season, problems could arise, and they will need expert attention. When the system is not in use, dirt and debris can build up; this will block the heat exchange that is needed from the coils and then freezing could occur. The blower motor may be blocked, and this could impair the airflow into your home. A common problem when restarting a system that hasn’t been used for a while, is electrical problems, including hard starts and system failures.

What Will a Maintenance Visit Cover?

Typically, a regular service visit for your air conditioning system will start with a thorough inspection of your equipment. Then the system will be tuned up to improve the performance and energy efficiency to lower your bills. If there are any minor repairs, they may be carried out immediately once you’ve approved them. Any larger problems may need to be dealt with in a separate appointment at a later mutually agreed time.

If they need a service for their evaporative air conditioning, Perth residents should contact us here at Gas&Air. We are the local experts on evaporative cooling, Perth clients trust us to keep their systems working smoothly and efficiently. Our highly trained technician team can install, repair and service a wide variety of equipment. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service at an affordable price for our customers. Our team members are standing by to discuss your needs in more detail, and they would be happy to answer any further queries that you have.

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