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Why a Regular Gas Heater Service is Essential

When thinking about gas heating services in Perth, residents may believe that they are a waste of money. This leads many homeowners to skip a service in order to save a little money in the short term, but this is not a good idea, and it can lead to spending a lot more money later on down the line. After all, most people wouldn’t think twice about servicing their car to ensure that it’s safe to use and that it won’t break down when they need it most. A heating system is a significant investment in your indoor comfort; regular servicing is necessary to make sure it’s safe to use and that it’s energy efficient.

The Importance of Regular Servicing

When they have regular gas heater services, Perth homeowners will have a safer home. A gas heater can leak carbon monoxide (CO2), which is an extremely dangerous toxic gas. During servicing a series of comprehensive checks are carried out, and testing for CO2 leaks is at the top of the list. During a service visit, the technician will examine the heating system in detail, and they can identify many minor issues before they develop into more significant problems. Fixing a minor issue is typically cheaper than a more extensive repair, so it makes good financial sense. A well maintained heating system is far less likely to fail when you need heating, and the useful lifespan of the heating equipment may be significantly prolonged. Every year that your heating system works well is another year that you don’t need to spend money on a new system.

Prevention is Better than the Cure

This old adage is well known, and it’s very applicable to your heating system. As we mentioned above, a preemptive service can detect and fix any developing issue before they can get worse. This will help you to avoid an expensive gas heater repair bill, and ensure that your heating system is more reliable. If you’ve skipped servicing for a few years all is not lost, you can restore much of the lost efficiency with a more extensive service, and this can make a big difference to your heating bills.

6 Signs That You Need a Service

Heating experts recommend that every home heating system is serviced regularly to ensure that it’s safe and efficient. However, there are certain symptoms that you may recognise in your heating system that are an indication that some servicing is needed. If you notice any of these six signs, you should call Mouritz a get your heating system serviced.

  • The pilot light is always going out.
  • The heating system is always overheating.
  • The pilot light bangs or pops when you light the heater.
  • The flame is brown, yellow or a red sooty colour.
  • There are signs of heat damage on the unit or nearby walls.
  • There are sooty stains on the unit or around it.

If you need a gas heater repair service get in touch with us here at Mouritz today.

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