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Fujitsu ducted air conditioning is an effective solution when you need climate control for an entire building.  Units are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Ideally, ducted air conditioning systems are incorporated into the structure of a building during the build. However, they can also be installed post construction or as an upgrade or replacement to an existing system. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning allows you to cool or heat multiple rooms or areas depending on where the outlets are installed. Zone control allows specific areas to be selected. This means you can limit heating or cooling to  the areas you are using. Major components can be installed discreetly outside and the ceiling cavities, so they don’t take up unnecessary space. Fujitsu is a leader in the air conditioning industry, with a large range of ducted air conditioning systems to suit a variety of applications.

Fujitsu ducted air conditioners are known for being compact, easy to install and very reliable. Fujitsu systems use the latest in reverse cycle air conditioning technology. This means they are very efficient and less expensive to run than many other systems. Fujitsu offers solutions for both commercial and residential situations, with an extensive range of models to suit the needs of different customers. As WA’s largest Fujitsu dealer, Mouritz offers a wide selection of Fujitsu ducted air conditioning units.

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning: residential

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning is an excellent choice for residential climate control. The correct ducted air conditioning model will depend on the design of the home, the way the system is intended to be used, the features required and budget. Fujitsu has a comprehensive range of ducted air conditioners to suit a variety of needs and preferences. Mouritz can advise you on the system that best suits your needs.


Bulkhead models are the smallest available residential ducted air conditioners from Fujitsu. Their compact design makes them flexible and easy to install in the smallest spaces. Bulkheads are straightforward to use, have low maintenance requirements and work very quietly in the rooms where they are installed. They have a removable intake grill, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The nine bulkhead models have capacities between 2.5 and 5.2 kW and run very efficiently.


Fujitsu’s slimline models are slim and compact ducted air conditioners, well-suited to discreet installation in narrow spaces. Slimlines have a greater capacity than bulkheads, allowing them to function as whole-home ducted air conditioners. They have a fresh air intake feature, allowing them to bring in fresh air from the outside. Slimline models include a slimline plus range, which adds a zone control feature for targeted cooling and heating. In total, there are nine slimline models available with capacities ranging between 7.1 and 13kW.

Mid Static Slimline R32

Fujitsu’s Mid Static Slimline R32 ducted air conditioners are very easy to install in bulkheads and ceilings thanks to their 240mm high chassis and built-in drain pump.The high performance (HP) models in the range come with a pipe length of 75mm. This makes them uniquely suited for installation on a roof or in the plant room of a residential apartment building. Mid Static Slimline 32 units provide refined temperature control with their optimal zone control feature. It divides the house into individually managed zones with their own settings. These units are also resilient to heat and capable of operating at temperatures up to 50 degrees celsius while cooling. All of their features like the mode, fan speed and temperature are easily managed using their convenient controller. The eight models in this range have capacities between 5 and 13kW.

High Static: Single Phase

The High Static: Single Phase range of ducted air conditioners from Fujitsu are powerful yet easy to install. Their design allows more air ducts to be installed, giving direct heating or cooling to more areas. Up to 8 separate zones can be managed with their zone control feature. The use of single phase power makes installation more convenient, since upgrading to a three phase power supply won’t be necessary. The High Static: Single Phase – Compact range features smaller, more lightweight versions of this system. This makes them easier to install, but also results in a lower capacity. In total, this range features seven different models with capacities between 8.5 and 14 kW.

High Static: Infinity

Fujitsu’s High Static: Infinity range of ducted air conditioners are incredibly versatile. They have a lightweight, compact design that allows them to separate their components into their fan unit and heat exchanger. This makes them extra suitable for roof installations with awkward spaces. Their zone control features and high number of outlets make it easy to customise your home’s temperature by room. Infinity units are available as both single-phase and three-phase models depending on your preference. They are high capacity units with four different models ranging from 12.5 to 18kw.

High Static: Three Phase

The High Static: Three phase models are highest capacity residential ducted air conditioners available from Fujitsu. They deal with the entire home’s climate control needs easily and effectively. They are perfect for large homes requiring a lot of cooling or heating. Features like DC fan motors, DC rotary compressors and programmable timers allow them to maximise the efficiency and minimise power usage while they operate. The five models have capacities between 10.5 and 25 kW.

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Fujitsu ducted air conditioning: commercial

Fujitsu has a range of ducted air conditioning systems designed for non residential applications. Commercial buildings vary significantly and the correct system needs to be installed to adequately service the building. Different businesses have very different needs depending on size of the building, type of construction and usage. This emphasises the importance of finding an air conditioning system that fulfils these needs. Fujitsu has a comprehensive range of ducted air conditioning systems specifically designed  for commercial installations.

Mini Duct

Fujitsu’s Mini Duct models are the most compact and lightweight among their commercial ducted air conditioners. Their fans feature six speed control, which allows their airflow to be fine-tuned. They won’t be distracting while they operate thanks to their excellent noise-reduction technology. They’ll do all their work efficiency thanks to their 5mm high density heat exchanger. Fujitsu’s Airstage Mini Duct Range features a set of 6 different commercial ducted air conditioning models. 

Slim Duct

Fujitsu’s slim duct air conditioners are compact, slim and have the versatility to be installed either vertically or horizontally. Their intake vent adjusts to match the installation site, making them extra adaptable. They maintain consistent airflow by adjusting their static pressure when necessary. Their DC static motor allows for a static pressure range between 0 and 90 Pa. Fujitsu’s Airstage Slim Duct range features 6 different commercial ducted air conditioning models.

Medium Static Pressure

The Medium Static Pressure range from Fujitsu has a unique design, making them easier to install in many commercial contexts. They can mount the electrical control box internally in their chassis, saving space in tight areas. These systems have adjustable static pressure ranging between 0 and 150Pa. This maintains consistent airflow and allows them to work optimally in high-rise buildings. They keep their energy consumption low thanks to their highly-efficient DC motor. There are four models in this range with capacities going from 7.1 to 12.5 kw. 

High Static Pressure

The High Static Pressure range includes the most powerful ducted air conditioning units available from Fujitsu. These heavy duty units are suited to larger commercial buildings. Despite being powerful, they still operate quietly with noiseless airflow. This is due to their front panel design with the corners cut off that creates less turbulent airflow in the unit. They have an impressive static pressure range, adjustable up to 300 Pa to deal with any circumstances. The six models in this range have capacities between 11.2 to 28 kw.

Fujitsu ducted air conditioner servicing

Fujitsu ducted air conditioners, like all AC units, benefit from regular servicing. This helps to ensure that they continue to operate efficiently. All Fujitsu air conditioners come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for both residential and commercial installations. This covers the costs of servicing or replacement in this period. Basic servicing for a Fujitsu ducted air conditioner involves cleaning and replacing filters, monitoring the air temperature, thermostat operation and checking the refrigerant levels. It is recommended that all systems are regularly serviced by Mouritz every 12 months to maintain efficiency and keep the system in top working order. Taking these steps will help to maintain the performance of the unit. The 5 year manufacturer’s warranty ensures that any unexpected issues are covered. With regular servicing, Fujitsu ducted air conditioners will provide years of reliable heating and cooling, ensuring that your home or business is kept comfortable all year round.

Whether you need your Fujitsu ducted air conditioner serviced or repaired, it is important to use a qualified and experienced technician. A professional will be able to provide the best advice and ensure that the job is completed correctly. Mouritz has more than 45 years of experience and is WA’s largest Fujitsu dealer. Call us or request a quote to make sure you’re getting the most from your air conditioner.

Fujitsu The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • Fujitsu air conditioners utilise the latest in inverter technology.
  • These models operate quietly and efficiently.
  • Included with these units are state-of-the-art controllers.
  • Fujitsu air conditioners all come with a five year warranty


  • The unit’s compressor is installed in a low-traffic area outside the home.
  • A duct network is installed into the roof space and six to twenty outlets are connected.


  • An easy-to-use LCD controller changes the settings on the Fujitsu air conditioner.
  • Fujitsu systems offer you complete temperature control.
  • These ducted air conditioners have zoning capabilities to provide climate control to set rooms with high energy efficiency.
  • The systems can be programmed to take care of both your daily and weekly heating or cooling requirements.

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