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Fujitsu split system air conditioning is the go-to for small spaces and cost-effective heating and cooling. An extensive range of cooling only and reverse cycle systems boast cutting-edge technology for advanced energy efficiency and total home climate control. Split systems work by circulating refrigerant through indoor and outdoor units, allowing for reliable and efficient air conditioning. Mouritz offers a variety of Fujitsu split systems to meet your needs.

Is a Fujitsu split system air conditioner right for my home?

Fujitsu split system air conditioning is an optimal solution for climate control in single rooms and smaller homes. Split systems have part of their condenser located outside, and a main head unit inside. These systems are best suited to heating and cooling specific spaces like bedrooms or living areas. Split system air conditioners are an excellent, cost effective option if you don’t have the budget for a ducted system. You can start small with one system, then add more in time as the budget allows. These units are ideal for apartment complexes or double storey homes where installing ducted air conditioning is not always viable.

If you’ve got a small living space, or only need to heat and cool one room, Fujitsu’s offers a wide range of split system air conditioners to keep your home cool and comfortable.

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Fujitsu split system air conditioner models

Fujitsu has a range of ducted air conditioning systems designed for non residential applications. Commercial buildings vary significantly and the correct system needs to be installed to adequately service the building. Different businesses have very different needs depending on size of the building, type of construction and usage. This emphasises the importance of finding an air conditioning system that fulfils these needs. Fujitsu has a comprehensive range of ducted air conditioning systems specifically designed  for commercial installations.


The Comfort range by Fujitsu are reverse cycle units boasting energy-efficient designs for year-round climate control. These models come with all-DC electricity and economy mode, decreasing energy loss and power consumption. They are also equipped with i-PAM inverter technology to maximise output and performance. The Comfort Range allows you to adjust the temperature in 0.5 degree increments using a compatible AR-RDP2E control. This provides an easier and more precise way to control your Fujitsu split system air conditioner. Fujitsu’s Comfort models also have a sleep timer which gradually changes the temperature of the room, allowing you to sleep comfortably. The Comfort Range starts at a 2.5KW capacity and goes all the way up to 7.1KW. Units are available to suit your home’s individual energy requirements.

General Comfort Cooling

Fujitsu’s General Comfort Cooling range is a new selection of split system air conditioner units. Just like the Comfort range, they come with all-DC electricity, i-PAM inverter technology, program timer, and a versatile series of modes. The primary difference is the General Comfort Cooling range features cooling-only units. However, they come with a variety of additional features like an Apple-Catechin filter, which absorbs fine dust and nasty microorganisms to create safer and easier air breathing. These new Fujitsu split system models are also equipped with a powerful ion deodorisation filter to significantly reduce odours in the home. General Comfort Cooling units have the same capacity as the standard Comfort range, and are compatible with an AR-RPD4E air conditioner controller.


The Fujitsu Designer range offers a sleek design that accommodates capacities between 2.5kW and 5kW. With low noise or super quiet mode, these models blend seamlessly into your home living areas for comfortable and quiet cooling. The weekly timer feature sets on and off times for up to seven days, and the setback timer can set temperatures for two time spans, each day of the week. Fujitsu’s Designer range of split system air conditioners are also compatible with AR-REA1E, UTY-RNNYN, UTY-RVNYN, and IS-IR-WIFI-FG controllers for easy operation. These reverse cycle models come with the same Apple-Catechin and ion deodorisation filters as the General Comfort Cooling range for consistently clean air. Designer units have the added feature of automatic airflow adjustment, which follows changes in room temperature to ensure consistent comfort control. 


The Lifestyle range from Fujitsu features units that are available as reverse-cycle or cooling-only systems. The flexibility and energy efficiency of these units creates total temperature control and comfort. The available models start at a 2.5kW capacity, while the largest are 9.4kW. Their handy auto changeover feature allows easy switching between modes to match room temperature and settings. They also manage energy output with improved efficiency thanks to their V-PAM and i-Pam inverter technology. 

Within the Lifestyle range, the ASTG30KMTC models are sufficient for larger rooms, and the ASTG09KMTC models are suited for smaller rooms. Fujitsu’s Lifestyle split system air conditioning systems are compatible with a range of remote controllers, including the AR-REW3E, AR-REW1E, and UTY-FGAN1. 


Fujitsu’s Classic range are reliable, comfortable split system air conditioners, spanning from 2.5kW to 9.2kW in capacity. They come equipped with traditional features like washable panels, sleep and program timers, V-PAM and i-PAM inverter technology, and energy saving modes. In the case of lost power, the auto start feature automatically restarts the system when power is restored, and the auto shut louvres open and close when the unit turns off or on. Classic models are also equipped with a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger, treated with blue fin, which is beneficial to outdoor units in coastal areas. The Classic range can be operated by both AR-RAH1E and AR-RAH2E controllers for ease of use.

Fujitsu split system conditioner servicing

Fujitsu split system air conditioners benefit from regular servicing. This keeps your system running efficiently. Fujitsu provides a five year warranty for all residential and commercial systems, which covers the cost of servicing or replacement. Servicing for a Fujitsu split system usually involves clearing airways and filters, washing panels, and repairing or replacing broken or malfunctioning parts. Having your Fujitsu split system air conditioner serviced every 12 months helps prevent lasting damage. This ensures effective and comfortable climate control for years to come. The warranty also covers you for unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions.

Mouritz has over 45 years of experience in air conditioner service and repair. We’re WA’s largest Fujitsu dealer. We’ll ensure a qualified professional services your system and provides expert advice on how to make the most of your air conditioner. Call us or request a quote for more information about our services.

Fujitsu: The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • Fujitsu air conditioners utilise cutting edge inverters for high-level performance.
  • These models are able to function with maximum efficiency and minimum sound.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use controllers are included with these units.
  • The five year warranty ensures that Fujitsu air conditioners can be easily serviced and repaired.


  • Outdoor components of Fujitsu split system units are always placed in low-traffic areas on the outside of the home.
  • Indoor components are easily installed on walls in the home through mounting.


  • Fujitsu air conditioners allow easy to access to their settings thanks to their LCD controllers.
  • You have top-to-bottom temperature control when using a Fujitsu split system.
  • Timers allow for heating and cooling to be scheduled on a weekly or nightly basis.

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