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Panasonic ducted air conditioning allows you to heat or cool your entire home, year-round. Ducted air conditioning systems are built into the structure of your home. Thanks to this, they can provide discrete climate control to your home. Panasonic has a range of reverse cycle ducted air conditioners to keep different rooms warm or cool.

Panasonic has been manufacturing high-quality ducted air conditioners for over 60 years. Their range of AC models are able to help homes and businesses get the comfort they need. All Panasonic ducted air conditioners are durable, efficient and capable of functioning in a wide temperature range. Mouritz is one of the most trusted suppliers of Panasonic air conditioners in Western Australia. They help find the right model for you and keep it in good condition afterwards.

Why choose a Panasonic ducted air conditioner?

There are many benefits to choosing a Panasonic ducted air conditioner. Panasonic ducted air conditioners come in different models with a range of capacities, so they can suit various needs. All of these units have reverse cycle capabilities. This means they use a refrigerant to absorb heat from the air and redistribute it. Thanks to this, Panasonic ducted air conditioners work well as heaters and coolers. They’re also equipped with smart connectivity features, making it easy to customise your home heating and cooling settings. It can even be done using devices like smartphones for added convenience.

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Panasonic ducted air conditioner models

Panasonic’s range of ducted air conditioners are the perfect climate control solution for Australia. Their operating temperature ranges between -20C to 46C, making them suited to any climate and weather. Panasonic ducted air conditioners are also durable, with their outdoor units being made to endure the harsh Australian environment. They are built to be resistant to factors like salty air, dust, wind and rain. This durability extends to internal components too. The heat exchanges in the air conditioning units use blue fin technology. This gives a much greater resistance to corrosion compared to most of their competitors. As a result, they provide better performance for longer. Despite this, all of these units still operate quietly to let you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

High Static Ducted

The standard High Static Ducted range from Panasonic is a great choice for either a home or a business. There are a number of models in this range to suit any situation. The compact models range from 6.0kw to 10.0kW while the deluxe models range from 12.5kW to 16kW. Depending on the model, these can be compatible with either single or three-phase power setups.

Panasonic’s High Static Ducted range also has Nanoe X purification technology. This provides extra help to the air filters for cleaner, more breathable air. The air filter can work during both heating and cooling and is helpful in households with allergies and asthma. It humidifies the air, deodorises and can be left running for 24 hours a day.

High Static Ducted air conditioners have the ability to self-diagnose. This brings any issues to your attention promptly. It allows you to get repairs done before serious damage occurs. Additionally, these models are also outfitted with automatic fans. They take the hassle out of managing settings by adjusting to the temperature and changing appropriately. Dry mode is also useful, as it helps you deal with the humidity of certain climates. To top it off, these models have an automatic restart function that helps them get back to cooling after a power surge

Splittable High Static Ducted

The Splittable High Static Ducted range from Panasonic are high capacity ducted air conditioners. These units come in sizes that range between 19 and 22.4kW and are compatible with three-phase power systems. They are capable of splitting into multiple units to fit into tricky spaces. This makes installation much more flexible and easy, especially in certain types of ceilings.

These Panasonic ducted air conditioners operate with high energy efficiency. Premium inverter technology from Panasonic provides these units with the ability to regulate room temperature with minimal fluctuation. This leads to a reduction in wasteful operation and provides increased energy savings.

These units have many of the same features as the standard High Static Ducted models. Self-diagnosis, automatic restart, dry mode and automatic fan are all part of the features for these splittable units. These heavy duty models bring the same utility and convenience to settings that require more powerful heating and cooling.

Adaptive Ducted

Panasonic’s adaptive ducted models place a focus on flexibility and compatibility with a range of situations. Within this range there are three sizes. The small sized models range between 3.6 and 5kW in capacity. Capacity for the mid range models ranges between 6 and 7.1kW. The largest models have a power output between 10 and 14kW. Different units in this range can be suited to either single or three-phase power.

Adaptive ducted models have flexible designs with variable external static pressure control. You can adjust airflow to optimise it for different ducting designs and conditions. The adaptive ducted models take performance to a higher level by using DC motors. These allow the fans to create more cooling using less energy for an especially efficient experience. DC motors have a pressure range that goes from 10 to 150 Pa for short vs long ducting. They also have high density filters to keep the air extra clean.

The adaptive ducted has the incredible features Panasonic ducted air conditioners are known for. These include the ability to diagnose its own problems, saving you the trouble of finding out what’s wrong. They also now have the options for fans to function automatically. They optimise their functioning according to the current temperature conditions. The dry mode option means that you don’t need to worry about excessive humidity. And power surges are nothing to stress over, as they can restart automatically when they need to.

These models have a built-in drain pump with a high lift. The piping can be elevated up to 701mm from the base of the unit for easy and flexible drainage of liquid. Thanks to the drain pan design, these units can be mounted horizontally or vertically without the need for alterations. Even when ceiling space is limited, the slim design and high static pressure allows for discrete placement away from rooms for totally flexible installation.

Ultra Slim Ducted

The Ultra Slim Ducted range of Panasonic is specifically geared towards working in a bulkhead setup. They are low capacity units that are excellent at fitting in the smallest places. Their capacity ranges between 2.6 and 5.6kW, making them better for smaller residences. Additionally, they are only compatible with single phase power supplies.

Even more flexibility is added to their designs by their special features. They have the option of being fitted with either a rear or bottom return air duct. Additionally, their long drain pumps allow them to comfortably dispose of liquid residue buildup.

Panasonic ducted air conditioner prices

Panasonic ducted air conditioners vary in price across different models. This is based on the capabilities of the model in question. Panasonic ducted air conditioner prices are higher when models have greater capacities and appealing features. Often, larger models are necessary for buildings and homes with more rooms and space. Newer ducted models from Panasonic often have greater efficiency and more technically advanced features, fetching a higher price. Understanding the factors that contribute to price allows you to make the best financial decisions.

Panasonic ducted air conditoner control panels

Panasonic ducted air conditioners have flexible and convenient control panels. The control panels work by utilising Smart Cloud software, WLAN control and home automation. They’re also heavily customisable. Panasonic’s smart control options allow you to adjust settings related to temperature, energy consumption and modes from your smartphone. The air conditioners are also compatible with smart homes and can use voice control to adjust the settings.

No matter which Panasonic model you decide to go for, Mouritz is able to help. Our qualified technicians have years of experience handling Panasonic products. We can take care of servicing, installation, repairs and so much more. Panasonic products all come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty, making maintenance and repair affordable. Mouritz has over 45 years of experience and has become one of WA’s largest dealers of Panasonic ducted air conditioners. Call us or request a quote to get the most from your Panasonic unit.

Panasonic: The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • Panasonic air conditioners utilise effective, modern technology.
  • In addition to their efficiency, they can also operate almost silently.
  • These units are compatible with extremely versatile control panels.
  • Panasonic air conditioners include a warranty that lasts five years.


  • These units are built for easy installation and fit into the most convenient areas of the home.
  • Once they are installed into the roof space of a building, they can connect to a high number of outlets.


  • Panasonic control panels make it easy to control your unit through your smart phone or convenient remotes.
  • You’re able to customise the temperature to exactly what you want or need.
  • These models have sophisticated timers that can be programmed to provide effective weekly or nightly cooling automatically.

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