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Samsung ducted air conditioning is the ideal solution for heating and cooling an entire building. When possible, ducted air conditioning systems are incorporated into a building’s structure during installation. This might be done post-construction or as a way to upgrade an existing system. Often, ducted air conditioning units can be installed discreetly in the ceiling or floor to avoid taking up unnecessary space. Samsung’s ducted air conditioners all have reverse cycle capabilities, giving them the ability to both heat and cool different rooms.

Samsung air conditioners are amongst the most popular ducted air conditioners available, with various options to choose from based on your needs. They utilise the latest technology in the climate control space to provide efficient and inexpensive cooling and heating. There are models available to suit the needs of any customers. They work well for both residential and commercial applications. Mouritz is a top Samsung ducted air conditioner supplier in Western Australia. They use their vast experience to provide the most effective servicing and maintenance for the different models of Samsung ducted air conditioners.

Why choose Samsung ducted air conditioning?

Samsung’s ducted air conditioners are efficient and easy to install in both residential and commercial settings. They are all reverse cycle systems capable of both heating and cooling, making them useful year-round. Samsung ducted air conditioners operate effectively in a broad temperature range: between -15 and 50 celsius for cooling and -20 to 24 for heating. They make the most of this by utilising Samsung smart inverter technology to maintain an ideal temperature and adjust to temperature variations.


Samsung ducted air conditioner models

Duct S

The Duct S range is considered the baseline amongst Samsung’s ducted air conditioners. These models provide reliable and efficient climate control in any space. Duct S models use the R410A refrigerant, which creates effective reverse cycle climate control. Their capacities range between 5.2 and 20kW, with certain features varying based on capacity. One example is the amount of fans. Smaller Duct S units use two fans whilst units 7.1kW and above use three fans. Variation also exists for static pressurement among models. Static pressure management allows Duct S ducted air conditioners to keep their airflow consistent under any conditions. Units with a capacity 9kW and below handle up to 150 Pa of static pressure while units 10kW and above handle 200Pa. Their capacity also affects their ability to manage different phases of power. All Duct S models handle single-phase power but only models 10kW and above are also compatible with 3-phase power. Smaller models are light, slim and easy to install with sizes ranging between 250 and 300mm. Models between 16kW and above are larger, more powerful air conditioners, designed for commercial and industrial contexts. Their design is optimised for easy setup, with larger indoor models splitting into different sections for easy installation.

Duct S2

The Duct S2 range improves on the Duct S range with additional features and enhanced design. The Duct S2 range boasts a higher level of efficiency, easily running throughout the  whole day without racking up high energy costs. These models also use R32 as their refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and less damaging to the ozone layer. Duct S2 models use twin BLDC compressors in their systems, which bring high performance with 75% less vibration, for a quieter experience. The Duct S2 range indoor units are compatible with both single-phase and three-phase outdoor units. Higher capacity Duct S2 models have capacities ranging from 16 to 20kW. Their parts can be separated to make handling and manoeuvering in tight spaces easier.

Duct S2+

The Duct S2+ range features premium models that add versatile new features to the Duct S2 selection. The Duct S2+ models feature 25% more air volume than the standard S2 models, making them well-suited to larger spaces. These models are incredibly discreet, for convenient and unobtrusive installation. Where the duct S2 models are only splittable in their higher capacity variants, all the S2+ models have the option to split into a fan and heat exchanger. They also have a tapered fan motor which is better positioned to fit between roof trusses and hanging brackets to minimise obstruction. The S2+ models boast a higher level of energy efficiency, giving the same amount of heating while using less power. This results in lower costs for the user. Duct S2+ models range in capacity between 10 and 16kW. All models in this range are available for both single and 3-phase power setups.


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Samsung ducted air conditioner servicing

Samsung ducted air conditioners benefit from regular servicing to continue functioning effectively. All Samsung air conditioners come with a five year warranty, to provide extra security for consumers. This covers the costs of servicing and repairs for the AC unit. During servicing, Samsung ducted air conditioners are cleaned and their various components are examined to find potential faults in the system. It is recommended to get your unit serviced by Mouritz at least once every 12 months to retain optimal functioning. A qualified air conditioning expert should always be the one to conduct installation, servicing and repairs on an air conditioning unit. By getting your Samsung ducted air conditioner serviced regularly, it can provide you heating and cooling for many years to come.

For the installation, servicing or repair of a Samsung ducted air conditioner, you can rely on Mouritz. Mouritz has been providing excellent service for over 45 years in WA. They have a range of models and an experienced staff. Call us or request a quote to make sure you’re getting the most from your air conditioner.


Samsung The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • Samsung air conditioners utilise cutting-edge inverter technology.
  • These air conditioning units operate efficiently and create minimal sound.
  • The controllers have timing features, which allow owners to set heating and cooling weekly or daily.
  • A five year warranty is included with every Samsung air conditioner.


  • During installation, the AC unit’s compressor is set up outside the home to avoid high-traffic areas.
  • The ducts used by the air conditioner are installed in the roofing and connected to between six and twenty outlets.


  • Samsung ducted air conditioners features an LCD controller for easy use.
  • These controllers allow for precise temperature adjustment.
  • They are outfitted with zoning capabilities to hone in on specific areas to efficiently heat.
  • The systems are capable of being programmed for both daily and weekly requirements.

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