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Samsung split system air conditioners are excellent and affordable options for indoor cooling and heating. There are various split systems available as part of the Samsung brand. They utilise state-of-the-art technology and some have reverse cycle capabilities. This gives you an efficient option for total climate control in your home. Split systems affect temperature by using refrigerants that are circulated between the indoor and outdoor components. Mouritz has an array of Samsung split system air conditioners available for purchase.

Is a Samsung split system air conditioner right for my home?

If you have a smaller home or just want cooling in certain rooms, Samsung split system air conditioners are an excellent choice. They provide targeted heating and cooling in exactly the parts of the house where you need it. This often makes them a lot more budget-friendly than larger ducted systems. There are also multiple models to choose from so you can find the selection of features that is most suitable for your home. One useful option is to find a multi-split. These allow you to assign one outdoor component to many indoor components.

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Samsung split system air conditioner installation

One of the great advantages of Samsung split system air conditioning is how flexible and easy the installation process is. Split system air conditioners are divided into an indoor and outdoor component. The outdoor component interacts with the air on the outside of the house and is located in a low-traffic area near the outside of the house. The indoor component is mounted on the wall inside in the room or space where you want it to provide cooling or heating. Sometimes, outdoor components can connect to multiple indoor units at once. This can be a more convenient way to add climate control to multiple areas of your home.

Samsung split system air conditioner models

Samsung split system air conditioners come in a wide range of models. Based on their features such as capacity and air purification, they may be more suitable for some customers compared to others. All Samsung split system air conditioners feature fast cooling, allowing them to change the temperature of an entire room quickly. This is due to their digital inverter boost technology which allows them to cool air temperature 43% faster. The advanced design includes a 15% larger fan, 18% wider inlet, and a 31% wider blade. This all helps air to be distributed wider. They’re also optimised for providing a good night’s sleep. With whisper quiet cooling, you’ll sleep soundly while your home stays cool. And to top it all off, these models are environmentally friendly. Samsung is dedicated to using sustainable technology so they use efficient units and R32 refrigerant to minimise your carbon footprint.


The GEO + split system from Samsung is a terrific climate control solution for your home. These units have a range of capacities between 2.5 and 8kW to suit your needs perfectly. They’re efficient but powerful, thanks to their Durafin Inverter Boost technology. This lets you cool your home while using minimal power. And your air will be cleaner thanks to them too. They have Tri-care filter technology to extract dust particles, fibers and animal hairs from the air to make it pure. All this in addition to having an autoclean mode makes this an effective and convenient choice.

AI Smart GEO WindFree™

The AI Smart GEO WindFree utilises artificial intelligence to create an adaptive and catered air conditioning experience. It is able to remember your preferred settings and optimises performance based on room conditions and usage patterns. The AI Smart GEO WindFree™ can switch to the most appropriate mode based on your preferred temperature to make the conditions in the room most desirable. These units are controllable via wifi and connect to smarthomes, letting them seamlessly blend with your other appliances. This is in addition to all the other features such as energy efficiency and Tri-care air filtering that Samsung split system air conditioners are known for.

Bedarra Wall

The Bedarra wall split system from Samsung is very easy to install into your wall. These units tend to have a lower capacity but make up for it with their convenience. They have auto mode, which adjusts heating and cooling based on the temperature of the room. To add to the convenience, they have timers that allow you to customise heating and cooling around your schedule. And with a variety of fan modes, you can keep things just as cool or warm as you like. 

GEO AR5500

The GEO AR5500 split system from Samsung is the optimal choice for heating or cooling open plan areas. It’s a powerful model, with a cooling capacity of up to 8kW and a heating capacity of up to 9kW. And whether it’s heating or cooling, it will be super efficient, saving you a lot on your power bills. You can control your climate control settings using a convenient and intuitive LCD display controller.

Samsung split system service and repair

To keep your Samsung split system air conditioner in top condition, regular servicing is a must. AC units naturally experience dust accumulation, wear and tear after prolonged use. This brings with it a certain level of performance decline. It causes your samsung split system  air conditioner to operate less efficiently, filter the air less effectively and use more power while it operates. This is why split system servicing is so important. When you get a qualified air conditioner technician to look at your AC unit, they are able to examine it and identify any issues. They clean out the air conditioner thoroughly and repair or replace any parts that are broken. This provides you with better heating and cooling for longer.

Whether you need to buy, install or service a Samsung split system air conditioner, Mouritz has you covered. All of our air conditioning technicians have a range of experience with a range of different air conditioners brands. They can help you with everything from choosing the right model to installation to service and repair. For more information about our available split systems, contact our team or request a quote.

Samsung: The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • Daikin split systems are an excellent option when you want advanced, high-tech cooling for the home.
  • They’re so quiet you will barely hear them as they efficiently provide climate control.
  • You are free to manage all aspects of the air conditioner using the convenient controller that is included.
  • For five years, you can count on Daikin’s warranty to help you with servicing and repair needs.


  • Outdoor units can be unobtrusive and out-of-the-way when you position them in low-traffic, outdoor areas.
  • All Daikin split systems are super easy to mount on the wall in the convenient locations indoors.


  • Daikin split system air conditioners  come with a convenient and intuitive controller, for the exact climate control experience you desire.
  • Customise your temperature with maximum accuracy and granular specificity.
  • Adjust the timing of your heating and cooling, whether you want it done daily or nightly.

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