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How to Reduce Your Ducted Gas Heating Cost

When they think about ducted gas heating in Perth, residents are often concerned about the costs of running their equipment. Higher heating bills can have a dramatic effect on any household, and everyone should be interested in improving their energy efficiency. When a heating system works more efficiently less energy will be used, and this will translate into lower energy bills. Let’s take a look at some simple tips to cut the costs of home heating.

3 Factors That Determine Your Heating Costs

When you run ducted gas heating systems there are three main factors that will determine your energy costs for each month, they are:

  • The extent of the cold in the current weather conditions.
  • The level of insulation in your heating system and home.
  • The amount of energy that you’re using for heating.

Using more energy to heat your home is possible, but this will drive up your energy bills to an unacceptable level, and you can’t do anything to affect the weather conditions. This leaves you in control of your heating system and the insulation in your home, and this is where you can make the greatest savings on your energy bills.

Controlling Your Heating

A modern programmable thermostat can be installed, and this will allow you to have better control over your home heating. Older thermostats need to be adjusted manually, and they are not very accurate to external changes in temperatures. The ultimate way to control your heating is with a smart thermostat; this can be controlled by an app on your computer or mobile device. This will give you unparalleled control over how and when the heating system runs, and you can make adjustments remotely. So, if your return home is going to be delayed, you can set the heat to come on later, and this will help you to avoid wasting energy on heating an empty home.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

The air filter in your HVAC system can easily become clogged with dust and debris that’s been gathered from your home. It’s important to check the air filter at least once per month, examine the surface of the filter and if it’s dirty clean or replace it as shown in your owner’s manual. When the airflow is reduced due to a clogged air filter, your system will work harder to compensate. This will use more energy and introduce unnecessary wear on tear on your system that could cause damage. Changing an air filter is a simple task, it doesn’t take long, and it can help you to lower your heating bills and avoid a repair bill or premature equipment failure.

Use the Best Heating Equipment

Even a well maintained heating system has a finite lifespan of approximately 15 years. In the years leading up to this age, you may start to notice that your heating system is less efficient and the necessary repair are more frequent and extensive. These are all sure signs that you need to invest in a new heating system for your home. The HVAC industry is continuously evolving and the equipment available now is far more energy efficient compared to a system that is only a few years old.

If you’re concerned about your ducted gas heating cost, Mouritz can help you to make your HVAC system more energy efficient.

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