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Daikin ducted air conditioning is a fantastic way to take care of cooling and heating for your entire home. Ducted air conditioning works by being integrated into the structure of a building when it is installed. This helps these AC units to be more discreet and avoid creating clutter indoors. Daikin’s ducted air conditioner range is all equipped with reverse cycle capabilities, so they can heat different rooms as well as cool them. 

Daikin is a trusted manufacturer of ducted air conditioners in Australia. They have been providing climate control to homes and businesses for over 50 years. The wide variety of models allows them to help homeowners and business owners. Cutting edge technology makes their product effective and efficient when it comes to both heating and cooling. Mouritz is one of the top Daikin ducted air conditioner suppliers in Western Australia. They use their longstanding expertise in Daikin products to help customers in Perth and beyond find the right ones for their needs.

Why choose Daikin ducted air conditioning?

There are many reasons to choose a Daikin ducted air conditioner. Daikin has a range of ducted air conditioners, so you can find the perfect one for your situation. Whether it’s your home or your business, you can assess and plan for a suitable model. Additionally, Daikin has excellent technology that takes their air conditioners to the next level. Their units are high-quality, very durable, and cause minimal environmental impact. Daikin ducted air conditioners have reverse cycle capabilities, allowing them to help you year-round. Additionally, many Daikin air conditioners are designed to help people with asthma and allergies. Their air filtration systems keep the air especially clean and pure for your household. Daikin ducted air conditioners are perfectly suited to Perth’s climate.

Daikin ducted air conditioning: residential

There are a range of Daikin ducted air conditioning models to suit the different needs of homeowners. They vary based on size, capacity and refrigerant used. All the featured models have reverse cycle capabilities, so they can heat or cool the home. Additionally, they can be operated with a smartphone for convenience and ease of use. An appropriate Daikin ducted air conditioner can be found for any residential situation.

Bulkhead System

Daikin’s ducted Bulkhead air conditioners are exceptional for discreet installation. They can fit snugly into home ceilings with minimal visibility. This saves you floor and wall space for other uses. To add to their discreteness, these Daikin ducted air conditioners operate very quietly to avoid distracting home residents with noise. 

Bulkhead models are on the lower end regarding capacity, ranging between 2.5 and 7.1kW. Models of every capacity use the R32 refrigerant, which has a reduced effect on global warming. All Daikin Bulkheads also include built-in condensate pumps with a 750mm lift, to deal with excess water build up.

The Bulkhead range includes helpful optional features that provide additional benefits. The 3D air swing grille is one optional attachment that helps air to flow and circulate across the whole room. It does this by increasing horizontal and vertical movement. Another great optional feature is the auto clean air filter system. This collects dust from within the AC unit and stores it in a vacuum bag for easy removal. It makes the air you breathe extra fresh and suitable for those with allergies.

Inverter Ducted

Daikin’s inverter ducted air conditioners place an emphasis on efficiency and compactness. They make the most of modern technology to maximise efficiency. These Daikin ducted air conditioners have DC fan motors, which utilise magnetism for additional power. They also have indoor heat exchangers to remove heat from the home without using up extra space. To add to this, they have increased outdoor coil passes. These aid the movement of the refrigerant for faster heating and cooling. Even with all these features, Daikin inverter ducted models can still easily fit into tight roof spaces in modern homes.

The capacities for Daikin’s inverter ducted air conditioners are wide-ranging to suit different needs. Smaller models operate at 5.0kW whereas the largest are up to 23.5kW. Depending on the model, they can be compatible with both single-phase and 3-phase power supplies. Models may also use different refrigerants. R32 refrigerant is used for models 15.5kW and below whereas the larger capacity inverter ducted units use the R410A refrigerant.

Premium Inverter Ducted

Daikin’s Premium Inverter Ducted system is a step up from the standard inverter model. It’s designed to be the height of comfort while also having terrific performance and design flexibility. This Daikin ducted range has similar features to the standard inverter range. They both utilise the DC fan motor, indoor heat exchanger and outdoor coil passes. However the premium models also have new features to add to the mix. Models with a capacity of 18kW or over can come with a heating focus. This makes them more effective at heating the house during cold parts of the year. But it won’t be any louder thanks to the outdoor noise reduction features that activate at night. On top of this is the improved refrigerant control technology, which allows these Daikin ducted air conditioners to reach an even higher level of efficiency. As a result outdoor units operate better at higher temperatures. The outdoor units are also made smaller to provide more flexibility for installation.

Slimline Ducted

The Slimline Ducted air conditioner from Daikin is the ideal option for freedom of design. Slimlines are good at fitting in particularly narrow roof spaces or under the floor to meet the challenges of modern homes. All the while, they continue to function at a high capacity. These Daikin ducted air conditioners have flexible designs with a drain pipe that can adjust its size. By doing this, they can fit into any home layout. They have a fan speed that adjusts automatically to suit your duct design for optimum airflow distribution. The air return duct can be installed on the rear or bottom of the unit for greater flexibility in installation.

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Daikin ducted air conditioning: commercial

Daikin ducted air conditioners are excellent in a range of commercial settings. They provide efficient and effective climate control for all kinds of offices and businesses. These commercial ducted models are compatible with single phase power,  the most common type of power supply in Australia. Every commercial ducted air conditioner from Daikin uses the R410A refrigerant for efficient and effective cooling. They also have excellent durability thanks to their galvanised steel plate casings.


The FXDQ-P(N)DVE series are bulkhead ducted air conditioners, specially suited to installation in drop ceilings. These units are only 200mm in total height, allowing them to fit discreetly into rooms with ceilings as low as 240mm. Their ability to operate with a low sound level makes them even more discreet. 

The capacity of FXDQ-P(N)DVE ducted air conditioners from Daikin is on the lower end, ranging between 2.2kW and 7.7kW. All models have adjustable airflow features that use a three-step fan to customise cooling and heating. They can also be set to auto and adjust air flow according to external temperature. 

These air conditioners are capable of switching between two different static pressure settings. This makes them adaptable to different levels of air resistance. And they handle water build-up with ease thanks to their drain pumps with 750mm of lift.


Daikin’s FXDQ-TV1C(A) ducted air conditioner range features excellent commercial models for residential apartment applications. They’re 200mm in height and only 450mm in depth, meaning they fit easily into limited spaces such as ceilings and wardrobes. Their air suction duct can be fitted on either the bottom or the rear of the unit to adjust to the spatial constraints of the installation site. To go with their versatility, these units are also quite efficient. Thanks to the DC fan motor and 750mm lift drain pump, power consumption is significantly reduced for both heating and cooling. Power is also managed using the airflow settings, which feature five levels and an auto configuration setting. 

These ducted air conditioners have excellent optional accessories to take your home cooling to the next level. The 3D auto swing discharge grill moves horizontally and vertically to help distribute air throughout the room more easily. Their auto clean air filter module cleans the air conditioner when it isn’t operating. It moves across the filter and collects dust, which it stores in a box in the vacuum port. This helps with performance and saves energy in the long run.

The models in this range have capacities between  2.2 and 7.1kW. They are also split between the standard FXDQ-TV1C models and the FXDQ-TV1CA models. The latter includes a multi-tenancy kit that allows independent 24V power sources to connect to the indoor unit’s printed circuit board. This ensures that critical operations like oil return are not affected by interruptions to the main unit’s power supply.


The FXDYQ-MAV1 commercial models from Daikin are a flexible option, capable of fitting into a range of different duct layouts. They are easily able to blend into the interior decor of stores and offices. To make installation even easier, they can split into separate segments to access openings in the ceiling. Certain models in this range feature return air spigots that make recycling air easier. Along with flexibility, they provide discreteness thanks to their very quiet fans.

These models have a moderate capacity range, with units between 8.8 and 16 kW. They also have high static pressure capabilities, allowing them to be useful in various applications. To top it off, they utilise Hi-X heat exchanger coils that increase efficiency and provide savings on energy.


FXMQ-PAVE commercial ducted air conditioners from Daikin are flexible units that are easy to install in tight ceilings. Since they are only 300mm in height, they work well in modern commercial and medium density apartment developments with limited space. Their fans feature three different airflow settings, to suit different preferences. They also have an automatic airflow mode to adjust fan speed to your duct design. This simplifies the process and saves you time. Typically, the airflow will adjust to a range between ±10% of the model’s rated airflow.

The capacity of these models ranges between 2.2 and 16kW. They utilise a DC fan motor to operate at a higher level of efficiency. This lowers energy usage by approximately 20%. The units are further optimised thanks to their built-in drain pumps with 700mm lift. This disposes of excess water built up promptly and easily. And thanks to their high static pressure range, these ducted air conditioners are able to adjust to a variety of airflows and duct designs.


The FXMQ-PV1A models from Daikin are high capacity ducted air conditioning units. Their efficient yet powerful design works well in heavy duty commercial applications for widespread cooling. Despite being high-powered, they have a height of only 470mm to facilitate easy installation. They are also capable of being split into 2 separate sections for easier handling. The FXMQ-PV1A has a lot of the same basic features as the FXMQ-PAVE such as the DC fan motor, controllable airflow and automatic airflow adjustment features and a 750mm built-in drain pump kit as an optional feature. They differ by providing higher capacity, as the models range from 18 to 28kW. Additionally, their static pressure can be adjusted up to 250 Pa.


FXSQ-PAVE ducted air conditioners are tailored to modern commercial and medium density apartments. Their 245mm height gives them a low profile and makes them perfect for installation in tight ceiling spaces. These units also have the option of switching between rear and bottom suction to make installation and maintenance even easier. A standard feature of these units is a drain pump with an 850mm lift. Inspection and cleaning can be done easily by separating the drain pipe and the inspection opening to examine the drain pan. The drain pan uses antibacterial treatment with silver ions to prevent the growth of slime, mould and bacteria. As a result, they are resistant to blockages and odours in their ducts and vents. This works in conjunction with their adjustable static pressure to ensure effective air flow. Static pressure can be reduced to suit shorter ducts or increased for longer ducts. In addition to static pressure settings, they also have 5 step air flow control. This means a customised experience to suit any user. Regardless of the settings, these units can operate quietly and refrain from disturbing anyone in the household.

Daikin ducted air conditioning prices

The price of a Daikin air conditioner varies depending on a number of characteristics. Capacity is an important factor, as high-powered units typically cost more. The specific features of the unit also have a big impact. If a Daikin ducted air conditioner has desirable functionality such as automatic airflow adjustment, the price will rise as a result. Newer models tend to have more of these features since they utilise more modern technology. Make sure you factor in the price of different units against your personal air conditioning needs. You don’t want to pay more for features you won’t use.


Daikin ducted air conditioning maintenance

Daikin ducted air conditioners require maintenance to continue providing effective cooling or heating to your home. Getting your ducted air conditioner serviced once or twice a year makes a world of difference to its efficiency. During maintenance or servicing, the different components of a ducted air conditioner are examined by a trained technician. They can see if any components need repair or replacement for the unit to keep functioning well. Additionally, they give the air conditioner a clean to get rid of dust and maximise cooling efficiency. Always make sure to hire a professional air conditioning technician for your Daikin ducted air conditioner maintenance. Mouritz technicians are experienced when it comes to servicing Daikin products.

Mouritz is able to help you with the installation, servicing or repair of your Daikin ducted air conditioner. Through 45 years of experience, Mouritz has become the most trusted name in Western Australian air conditioning. Customers in Perth and all across WA have benefited from Mouritz’s high quality service. If you’re interested in a Daikin ducted air conditioner, call us or request a quote.

Daikin: The Ultimate Air Conditioning Solution


  • Daikin air conditioners utilise the latest in inverter technology.
  • These models operate quietly and efficiently.
  • Included with these units are state-of-the-art controllers.
  • Daikin air conditioners all come with a five year warranty


  • The unit’s compressor is installed in a low-traffic area outside the home.
  • A duct network is installed into the roof space and six to twenty outlets are connected.


  • An easy-to-use LCD controller changes the settings on the Daikin air conditioner.
  • Daikin systems offer you complete temperature control.
  • These ducted air conditioners have zoning capabilities to provide climate control to set rooms with high energy efficiency.
  • The systems can be programmed to take care of both your daily and weekly heating or cooling requirements.

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